The only road game I could make this year was the Alabama game in Tuscaloosa.  Billy, my tailgating partner for years now, and I made the 7 hour trip.  Fairly easy drive.  This year we brought along Rod, a Buckeye fan who wanted to get a taste of SEC football.  The game sucked due to Arkansas losing big to the number 2 team in the nation.  Despite the game results, we had a great time tailgating and getting to see the Alabama campus.

My new grill worked great for our tailgating cookout.  While we were tailgating, we got interviewed by a production crew, 3 Dogs and a Chicken, doing a documentary on SEC football fans.  Apparently I was either the only Hog fan they could find or the only one who would agree to be on camera.  We had a great time talking with them.  Maybe you will see Rod, Billy and me on TV sometime soon :-) 


Shout out to our old Boss, Carl, who invited us to tailgate with him at the game.

Arkansas vs Alabama Game 2009

September 26, 2009