Tailgating trip #4 (Arkansas tailgating) of the 2010 season.  Wow it ended with a BANG.  I was shocked by how my Razorbacks dominated the Gamecocks from beginning to end.  Sorry Billy. 

So Rod, Billy and I made this a day trip.  The game was a night game so we had a lot of time to tailgate.  The grill worked great, and so did the flag pole and chairs.  I had a lot of Razorback fans stop by to say hello all because they saw the flag.  The one thing I have leaved from this season is you can pay for two parking spots at most places.  This gives you enough room to setup the chairs, table and grill.  Of course after we packed up to go into the stadium, the parking attendant sold my other spot, basically double dipping.  Whatever :-)

Arkansas & South carolina 2010

November 6, 2010